The Shellbourne Manufacturing Company Limited remains one of the few succesful independent suppliers of bolts in the UK.

As a long established private company we supply bolting and forgings made by the Hot Upset Forging process in diameters of up to 72mm (3") and to any length. We supply in any metals including Mild and High Tensile Steels, stainless steels and various non-ferrous and specialist alloys.


Over 50 years experience enables us to supply a technically superior product. Our capability of supplying to a wide range of British, American and Continental standards together with customers personal specifications has enabled us to develop and maintain a world wide reputation for quality and reliability.

The experience of Shellbourne provides the solution to a whole spectrum of fastening problems.


A determination to provide only the ultimate in customer service and satisfaction runs throughout the company.

As competitors in a world market, we understand only too well the necessity of honouring delivery dates and fulfilling customers specifications to the last minute detail.

Our extensive facilities and skilled manpower are always available to meet the most urgent deadlines and requirements. At Shellbourne a promise made is a promise kept.


Experience, technical skill and a high standard of quality control do not mean an exclusive and expensive end result. You will find our prices are just as keen as our product is superior.